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  4. Kerry Hudson: ‘Yes, this is “made up” but this is also the most truthful thing I have to give you’

Simone Biles is ready to join their company.

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If she performs as everyone predicts, she'll win five gold medals in Rio. At 19, Biles has already won the most gold medals in the history of the world championships.

She's also the first woman to win three consecutive all-around titles there. Her signature move is a double layout with a half-twist and a blind landing.

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When she first performed it in , no one else had ever tried it in competition. It's now officially known as "The Biles. I've seen some of, like, my guy friends try it — but they never land it. So they get really upset. Biles has an incredibly powerful run. Her competitors have to go farther before they can start tumbling. Less time running means more time tumbling.

Fine Line (Crossing Lines, book 1) by A D Justice

She's able to include more elements than her competitors do. This jump is a simple skill, but Biles has the extra space to complete it, earning her extra points. Normally the separations between first and second place could be three-tenths or five-tenths, and she goes out and wins by one or two points. I would say it's probably no more than three days that it takes her to achieve a new skill.

Many athletes — it takes them years. Here she is, competing as a child. Most top gymnasts are dominant in only one event, but Biles is an exception. As our Author of the Day, Gephart tells us all about her book, 1 Crush. It's a fine line between obsession and admiration, and Tia isn't certain on which side of the line she stands. One thing is for sure, she needs to meet Eric Larsson—the Hollywood movie star that makes her insides twists.

She has BIG emotions. She wears her heart on her sleeve and believes anything is possible.

Of course he is also unbelievably gorgeous with an outstanding body, but once you get past that, you see he has an amazing heart too. Oh, and a cheeky side as well. I think if you keep true the character and follow their path, then they will embody something people can relate to.

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He was so incredibly sweet and lovely, it was a pleasure meeting him. I wanted the characters to feel real.

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Ooooooo I have no idea. Tia would have to be quirky and a little crazy and Eric would have to be tall, sweet and gerogous. Each book is its own adventure. I laughed most of the time I was writing it, half the situations are so ridiculous but also very endearing—it was pure joy to be in their world. He finally has the world watching, it will be interesting to see what he does with the attention. Posted on 22nd of May, by Naomi Bolton. Please give us a short introduction to what 1 Crush is about.

Kerry Hudson: ‘Yes, this is “made up” but this is also the most truthful thing I have to give you’

Eric Larsson doesn't even know she exists. Can Tia make her dream come true without her mug shot being broadcasted on the five o'clock news? What inspired you to write this book? Tell us more about Tia Monroe. What makes her tick?

What makes Eric Larsson such a great catch? Readers say that your characters are hilarious and sweet. How did you pull this off?