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  2. Catholics and Muslims alike find that “memes can maim.”
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Critics call for the complete separation of religious organizations from the state. In some places of the world, cooperation between religious institutions and the state can become a positive force at the local and international levels. Religious leaders can consult the state and contribute to the formation of national identity that is inclusive and does not pose a threat to international peace.

Regional Collaboration and Conferences Grants represent a flexible category of programs that encourage examination of topics of special significance to faculty, administrators, and students at a particular institution or group of institutions, or matters of special intellectual concern to faculty and others in Christian higher education. The focus, character, and constituency of the conference, collaboration, or workshop may vary to suit the needs of the applicant, within the general guidelines listed above.

Previous successful conferences, collaborations, and workshops have focused on issues facing schools in a particular region, topics of current debate among faculty at a particular school, student life issues, graduate student matters, various theological or denominational traditions in higher education, an array of topics in liberal and professional education, and issues of civic and public concern to the Christian intellectual community. It is expected that in many cases the host institution or group of institutions may also contribute to funding the conference.

Institutions that have already received a grant in this category are typically not be eligible in the same category again for three years after the original grant was awarded. Nevertheless, at present, such schools can re-apply for a Regional Collaboration or Conference Grant if the application demonstrates that the proposed project addresses a different audience than the previously funded one.

Although Regional Conferences or Workshops represent a flexible category of programs, priority is given to applications for programs that connect representatives from campuses within a particular geographical region. The seminar will be followed by an international traveling exhibition of the resulting works of art beginning in fall, This project convened 10 North American and 10 Chinese artists in a two-week seminar and studio event in Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai.

Click here. For more information, click here. Meyer Prize in Music Performance. For more information and how to nominate, click here. All Rights Reserved. Margot was the lady of our trio!! She smoked when she was young — but would she hold a cigarette in her hand? Not she! She had a cigarette holder!!

Iris and I laughed over this and teased Margot no end. When I was 21 we all arranged to meet half way in Guildford. Iris and I had a plan. You can imagine the laughter that ensued. On another occasion sorry about this Margot!! One of us produced something to read and what do you think Margot did?

She went into her handbag and brought out nothing less than a monacle!!

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Well, Iris and I doubled up laughing! Of course, Margot laughed with us on all these occasions. While we were on the bus, an alarm started ringing. It came from the alarm clock in my bag! We both did our best to pretend it was nothing to do with us but we failed miserably as you can imagine.

Finally, Iris came to stay with me in Glasgow. Those were the days! Family members will still be stunned. Some of us may think it was better for Iris that she died so unexpectedly while others feel it would have been better if she had had some warning.

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Whatever way we think, that was the way Iris left us. I know she would have wanted to say her own goodbye, to give her thanks herself to all who have been in her life, in one way or another, and also to tell her final story. But that is not the way it happened and we have to trust that it really must have been the best way for Iris. She would not have wanted to be in a home — to lose her independence.

She got that wish. Iris would want us to be happy, not sad. That is why I have made this eulogy very light. May we always remember Iris with a smile — her smile and ours.

May we try to make others smile like Iris did and may she always be a very happy memory in our hearts. Sr Isabel has written her life story. All proceeds will go to anti-trafficking. To purchase, email: trachstkei gmail. Pictured below: Sr Isabel on horseback in South America. Religious have long been at the forefront of engagement in the areas of justice, peace and the integrity of creation and this Conference will allow us to reflect on investment decisions that are being made by our sisters and brothers and to discern a way forward for ourselves.

Responsible and ethical investment is now something that every religious order and congregation takes account of, and we will hear from investors who have discerned that investment in energy production and storage is an ethical issue, which requires action. This message, that the time to act is now, is also supported by many other voices around our common home. A scientific study published this month in the journal Nature Communications indicates that the Paris target of 1. This supports the most recent assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC , which spoke of the enormous benefits of aiming for the ambitious 1.

Large numbers of organisations, both religious and secular, are already responding to these calls to action. By announcing divestment commitments publicly, religious orders and congregations respond to our prophetic call, to be voices that speak in favour of those who are ignored and disregarded, to be people who put our words into action in our lives. In this way, we become prophetic witnesses of possibility, seeking to welcome in a future that God calls us to make a reality in our common home.

The conference is free of charge, and participants are invited to bring something to share for a vegetarian lunch. Places are limited, so please book by Friday 8 February to avoid disappointment, by contacting James Buchanan at james. Bright Now - the campaign for Fossil Free Churches www.

Catholics and Muslims alike find that “memes can maim.”

Two train journeys and a ten-minute walk from East Croydon station brought me, with a trafficked woman to Lunar House, the Home Office where immigrants, asylum-seekers or anyone wanting citizenship in the UK meets to have papers processed. Perhaps the dreariness of the day added to the weariness of the experience. The first thing that struck me was the variety of faces and ages forming the long queue going through the door. Like most people that day, we were hopeful for a good outcome or at least a pleasant experience.

Weary is the only way I can describe it.


Having shown our documents, we were assigned to the second floor. Here we presented ourselves to the receptionist who told us to wait until we were called. It was about 9. Our appointment was for 10am. In the waiting area, there were many of us. Four hours passed. Sitting waiting as patiently as humanly possible, without food none can be eaten in the waiting area, nor can one use a mobile phone.

Best to stay put and wait. At least we had water. To pass the time, I spoke to a young woman with two restless and tired children, 5 and 2 years ; she had travelled on the 5am train from Manchester.

11th Annual World Religions Conference in Cochrane - smitsintops.ml

When we were leaving at 8. I befriended her children, offered to take them for a walk along the corridor, just to give this weary mother a short break. There was another young woman with a baby, waiting with her parents, hoping to relocate them from a war-torn country to live with her in the UK. The daughter was there to translate for her parents who spoke no English. Opposite me was an African woman, on her own, there to seek asylum to join her friend, she told me.