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Otherwise – Bloodline Lullaby Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

If you want sustained success as a fancier you will have to breed youngsters that are better than their parents season after season. This applies to pigeon fancying as it does to any sport: you have to try and make progress every season. A lot of fanciers ask us what we prefer: family breeding or crossing.

Well, you can read our opinion in the introduction but honestly, we cannot answer that question: we think it depends from loft to loft; every situation is different. In fact the two different approaches can both give good results, even with the same pigeons. The racing pigeon as we know it today is in fact one specific breed that consists of more or less different lines.

So basically we are not able to cross different breeds anymore; we can only cross bloodlines. That does not change our view on the two types of breeding. Family breeding is the easiest solution for many pigeon families. The fancier assesses the value of each of his pigeons without having to pay attention to his opponents.

He compares his pigeons with each other to find the best pigeons, even if his best pigeons have not yet won a top prize in an important race. The following breed is based on the pigeons that are considered to be the best of the loft by their fancier.

After a few years he ends up with a breed of pigeons that are all very closely related. We see this happen quite often. This is how many fanciers use the method of family breeding, because they do not really master the technique and because they lack knowledge. With such an approach the quality of your breed will eventually go down. Coyote Country Queen Posts: This mare went back to Doc O Lena 3 times. She was not very big, but she definitely made up for it in heart. She really wanted to move out, had good length of stride, and was very quick and catty.

I personally like the Colonel Hotrodder lines.

They seem to have more size and bone. Apr Jackie bee and two eyed jack is what I look for Fancy Lass Reg.

Crossing the Bloodline : A Dark Fantasy Novel

Extreme Veteran Posts: Hoping she makes a decent barrel horse! Witty Enough Posts: Location: Tx. So, I guess I have to exception to the rule then TrackinBubba Reg. Aug After being a straight race bred girl for years, I have fallen madly in love with my little cowbred 3yo: Young Gun, Nu Chex to Cash and Docs Prescription.

Bloodline Lullaby Lyrics

He's smart, easy-going, willing, athletic if a touch lazy. He's almost too nice because I forget he's barely three and tend to hold him to a higher standard than the silly racebreds I've had in the past. Mine is out of a Docs Hickory stud - I wouldn't trade him for anything! Extremely athletic, and smart!!! He can really sit on his butt and turn. Expert Posts: Super smart, calm, and athletic!

She said lazy like it was a good thing. I was like well, add some run in the mix and maybe this one won't be lazy! Jump to page : 1 2.