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Published by Einaudi From: Webster. About this Item: Einaudi, Condition: NEW.

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More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Published by Emons Edizioni About this Item: Emons Edizioni, More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by La Biblioteca di Repubblica, Torino Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Good. Italian translation of American Pastoral. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory zk More information about this seller Contact this seller 6.

Published by Emons From: Libro Co. About this Item: Emons, Condition: new. The adored son, Swede Levov, who can do no wrong, enters his father's business and it appears that the only act of independence he can muster in standing up to his father's dominance is to marry out of his religion; the lower middle-class Catholic beauty pageant queen, Dawn Dwyer.

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  6. When confronted with the horrors of what his daughter has done, Swede turns for solace to his younger brother, the philanderer Jerry Levov, a sucessful cardiologist, living in Florida and working on his own 3rd marriage. Jerry, a high school classmate of Nathan Zuckerman, seething with the aftermath of the short-end of the stick in this sibling rivalry, revels and responds with cold hard truths, anger and resentment. Not to be ignored is the painful depiction of the heartache parents experience when one of their own goes bad.

    What a great loss it is when the child you gave life to, whom you love and adore, turns away in hate and crosses a line which leaves them lost for all time. Zuckerman appears briefly, in a brief flash forward, when the Swede approaches him to help write a eulogy to his departed father. This alter-ego of Roth's is almost pleased to see that even the Swede, that perfect hero, has a moment of doubt and remorse. Hidden in the horror of his life having been blasted apart by his daughter's terrorist act is the fact that 20 years later he has found some comfort in a new marriage and 2 more children.

    Still handsome, glamorous and rich he is still the Swede to others but he no longer glides on air above the rest of us. Another hidden meaning is that this is an American tale of the "pastoral" life, gone bad, and that the events herein, could happen to any one of us. Indeed this is a rich and complex tale reflecting the turmoil both this family and America experineced during this time in history. As depicted by Roth it is a masterpiece. LibraryThing member Kristelh. This story is set in the late sixties and early seventies in Newark, New Jersey and reflects the social upheavals of the time.

    It is a framed story. The first chapters we are introduced to Zuckerman author and his admiration almost worship of the Swede, a high school athlete. At a reunion, in which Zuckerman is a speaker, he learns that Swede is deceased. Zuckerman, always curious about Swede begins to imagine the life that Swede lived as it was impacted by his daughter's decision to bomb the local post office.

    The rest of the book is this imagined story which Zuckerman publishes of Swede. The story is accurate historically for the Newark riots of , Watergate, the Deep Throat movie the first x rated movie that we all flocked to see publicly as well as the Black Panthers, Weathermen and Angela Davis. The main character, Swede, is based on a real athlete that attended Weequahic High School.

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    I really wondered if this school was made up. The "equa" in the middle made me think that the author was saying something about these Jewish kids attending school in the US. I do think there is more in this story than the historical events. It is a story of Jewish American who marries an Irish Catholic girl and the changes in the family from the grandparents who came to the US, sold gloves on the streets and finally established a factory business.

    The family erodes or changes from all Jewish, to the boys marrying Gentile Girls to the daughter who is not Jewish or Catholic and abandons all the family values and hates her family for having a profitable business. The title American Pastoral, does it refer to the immigrant experience for the Jew who came to the US and found peace and the life without persecution? Towards the end, the author mentions Thanksgiving as the true American Pastoral.

    Italian Suite, Op. 68: II. Pastorale

    A time where everyone can come together whether they are Catholic, Jewish, or Gentile. Thanksgiving really is the best holiday.

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    4. I liked this story. It was engaging and the characters are well developed.

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      You forget that this is just Zuckerman's imaginations and that we really know very little about Swede or his daughter Merry. I will read more of Roth at some point. LibraryThing member donitamblyn. Then I found this book, which is not only a brilliant piece of literature it's by Roth, after all , but also deals with some fascinating issues similar to those in PLANETS--issues I wanted to read more about.

      pastorale - Italian translation - smitsintops.ml English-Italian dictionary

      As just one example: I am not Jewish, but have noticed in certain writings something uniquely poignant in the Jewish love for America immediately after World War II. This was the country that had taken in many Jews' parents and grandparents in a way never before experienced, I believe. For the first time they were not outsiders, but simply immigrants in a land full of immigrants. And for the first time, every opportunity--in this nation of bounteous opportunities--was open to them. It is not surprising that the name "America" would become almost a hymn on the lips of many American Jews in this period, that they would develop an unparalleled love for their country.

      As all of America basked in a cornucopian economy and the righteous sense that our own good works had entitled us to it, American Jews were, perhaps, "Ultimate Americans. The protagonist, Seymour "Swede" Levov, certainly does not think about these things, and therein lies his downfall.

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      As Amazon reviewer Ian Muldoon so aptly notes, the central question of the book is whether it is acceptable for Levov to to accept that he is one of the lucky ones and simply enjoy his place in time and history, or whether his good luck also carries an obligation. An inherently decent man, Levov does not look beyond his own life to wonder if it impinges on the lives of others.

      But his daughter cannot feel so sanguine. Merry has not had the good fortune of Seymour and his wife to be thought "perfect": She grew up with a terrible stutter, over which her beautiful parents agonized. Is this what gave her the ability willingness? In any event, she sees the fissures yawning, and her answer is to place sticks of dynamite in them.

      And later to withdraw so far from the world that she scarcely eats so as not to "destroy plant life," and will not even wash for fear of "harming the water. Miraculously, the stutter that at one time "terrified" Levov is gone As the "Ultimate American," Levov is the perfect symbol. As he thinks, so thought we. LibraryThing member gabebaker. I was voluntarily Roth-less for about three years following each of my prior Roth reads, and it will likely be three more years before I pick him up again.

      It's not Roth's prose that accounts for my reluctance. He write good, especially when he's describing Newark in its bustling, industrial heyday. But I don't read novels to get depressed, and Roth's novels depress me. It's not the subject matter - my current fav Denis Johnson isn't all about rainbows and lemon drops.

      John Baptist Scalabrini and Italian Migration: A Socio-Pastoral Project

      But Roth's powerful descriptions of his characters' internal miseries effectively drag me down into the hopeless territory they are inhabiting. The lack of resolution of the most interesting plot line was also mildly irritating.

      LibraryThing member suejonesjohnson. Everybody in our book club did not expect to like this book but to a person we loved it! It was my first time to read Roth because I had always presumed him to be too cynical but his incisive and colorful use of the language evoked an unexpected passion. The story verges on the melodramatic but the subject matter the disintegration of a major American city and family certainly lends itself to melodrama.

      LibraryThing member BeeQuiet. I'll admit, having first read The Plot Against America by Roth, I found this one a lot harder to get into, in spite of it's Pulitzer prize winning credentials.