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After this three-game series these two teams wont play one another until the end of February at Lone Star. With the Brahmas being in first place in the South, it marks the fourth-straight week that the Ice Wolves have to play a top-three opponent. The only team they played that was not in the top-three was Shreveport. During their straight home games, the Ice Wolves were able to pick up their first home ice win, first sweep, first shutout, and first extra hockey win.

Erika Rier | Last Weekend to See On This Journey at Collapse Gallery!

Although they were shutout this past Saturday things are going to look a lot different during these three games against Lone Star compared to the previous three. Graziano set a new career high with 50 over a minute span. Laursen stopped 47 shots out of 51 on Saturday giving him a career high. On the flip side, both goalies for the Brahmas are in the top-five overall for goals-against-average. The rookie goaltenders have a combined seven shutouts already this season, most out of any team. Scoring will not come easy for the Ice Wolves no matter which goalie Lone Star decides to start.

He played his first season with the Brookings Blizzard in after being drafted 81 overall by them 25GP, 2G, 1A. Last season he was with the Syracuse Jr.

the last or last weekend/at the last weekend

This season the year-old has played in every Ice Wolves game 21 recording three goals and helping on three as well. Sanom is fourth on the team in points. Alas, the movie never gets around to answering that question, or any others of note, and as a result, anyone who does bother to show up will find themselves bearing witness to unpleasant people doing and saying unpleasant things to each other while hoping in vain that the two guys from " Funny Games " will show up hoping to borrow a couple of eggs.

As the film opens, Celia Green Patricia Clarkson and her husband, fitness center magnate Malcolm Chris Mulkey , are at their opulent Lake Tahoe vacation home awaiting the arrival of their two sons to see out the end of summer. First to arrive is older son Theo Zachary Booth , a television writer with cinematic ambitions who comes with an entourage that includes his boss Rutina Wesley , who he has given his screenplay to read, her husband Fran Kranz , the star of his show Jayma Mays and, seemingly almost as an afterthought, his new boyfriend Luke Devon Graye.

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  6. Right from the get-go, the weekend is pretty much a disaster. For starters, Celia and Malcolm are considering selling the home—one of their two vacation homes—but do not know how to break it to the kids.

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    Both sons have hardly arrived before snapping at Celia, though she is quick to be dismissive of practically anyone with the misfortune to get into her eye-line. Luke has a serious allergic reaction at their first dinner together and Celia does not distinguish herself when she asks whether using the EpiPen is absolutely necessary because of the cost—this coming from someone who apparently refuses to buy anything that does not include some form of ecologically-minded surcharge.

    The next day, the Green's loyal caretaker Julio Oscar Mechoso is electrocuted and rushed off to the hospital with his cook wife Julie Carmen. Add in the usual squabbles, misunderstandings and revelations and most people will find themselves thinking that by comparison, Fredo Corleone got off relatively easy during his last visit to Tahoe.

    If nothing else, this would explain some of the more obnoxious and clueless moves by the characters, such as the aforementioned EpiPen incident or the moment when they sneer at their neighbors for being nouveau riche clowns because they made their fortune in air conditioning instead of something more hallowed and traditional like fitness center franchising.

    As it turns out, it seems that not only does Dolby intend the material to be taken relatively seriously—yes, even the scene where Celia has a cathartic breakthrough when she washes some dirty dishes all by herself—but he wants us to somehow empathize with the characters and their elevated sense of ennui. The problem is that while he can illustrate hateful self-absorption handily enough on the surface, he betrays no idea or interest as to what makes such people tick, and, as a result, scene after scene just collapses under the weight of its own unpleasantness.

    While the screenplay may be lacking in anything resembling insight, it is certainly top-heavy in regards to characters—besides all those already mentioned, there are also a trio of neighbors played by Judith Light, Mary Kay Place and Sheila Kelley who pop up whenever some exposition needs to be clumsily deployed—and subplots, almost all of which are introduced and then largely left unresolved. The large cast of actors are good at playing singularly obnoxious and self-centered characters, but mostly clueless when it comes to making them into people worth taking even the slightest interest in.

    As for co-directors Dolby and Tom Williams, they go about their jobs in the most indistinct manner possible—there is not one interesting cinematic moment to be had here and they somehow even manage to contrive to make a Tahoe sunset come across as nothing particularly impressive.